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Arado Ar 234A V6 - 4 x BMW engines Prototype (Kettenkrad)

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Thanks' Gent's - I was almost done with the Arado Ar 234A conversion - Then summer came to Denmark, a 'phenomenon' we are not often frequented with. The last five weeks have been amazing, 25-30 degrees every day and blue skies, the warmest recorded May ever in Denmark and the worst drought in 10 years. I simply cannot make my self stay indoors getting any modelling done, while this was on. Well it finally looks like we will be returning to more regular conditions over the coming weeks, so maybe I will get back to modelling again. On the other side, it's also been nice to have a break and doing some other projects, e.g. a covered terrace for the 'missus' i 1:1 scale, see ya...  ;)


Cheers: Kent

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So, slowly starting this build again, summer seems to be over, for now...


To get things underway, I have decided to begin the Kettenkrad from Zoukei-Mura.




This time, I'm trying to paint everything before assembly.












Let's see how this goes?


Cheers: Kent

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