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VFS new announcement via HS

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Did anybody catch the announcement that Vintage Fighter Serires (VFS) has announced via HyperScale (HS) that a new 1/24 Corsair and 1/24 Spitfire Mk XII are coming our way at some point?

This might have been announced somewhere else already, but I for one am absolutely happy to hear this - both the Corsair and the late mark Spitfire could be the perfect canvasses for a future super detailing effort that won't be hard on the eyes in the scale of 1/24!! 



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It was on the What's New page for today, at the bottom.


Why a Spitfire XII? Not that it wasn't important, but it had limited squadron use. I suppose it could be converted into a Seafire XV though. I think a XIV would have been a better choice, but that's just me. Unless it's a typo.


The Corsair should make lots of people ecstatic!



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Thanks Richard! How did I miss that!


I think a typo. Taking into account that VFS displayed a master for a XIV at Telford a few years back, it would seem strange to announce a XII. If I recall correctly, the XII equipped only two squadrons, so a XIV would offer a far greater scope for markings and options. I'm hoping for a XIV, but I shall email VFS later today.


As for the Corsair in 1/24......Superb!!

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I thought VFS had been sold to Kinetic hence the P-47 moulds appearing under another label?

Would this be a co-operative venture between the two parties?

Enquiring minds like to know these things!

Either way a 1/24 Corsair and a late mark Spitty will go down very well in the world of modelling I think.

It would make economic sense to adapt the moulds for other marks as they went along, perhaps a Mk XII is just the first one?

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Wow!  A big Corsair!  I've been thinking and wishing for a 1/24 bird for a long time.  Early or late version, I don't care, I'll buy it anyway, even if I'm already hurting for space,  Careful what you wish for as they say.  lol  Now, maybe a Hellcat.  Wishful thinking, I know.  Those two guys have been neglected long enough.  Hopefully they will keep it simple and not get carried away with all the internal stuff to make it more affordable.


I hope they do the big radial correctly this time, and not screw it up like they did with their P-47.

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Well, if these kits do appear, and we all buy enough of them, who knows what VFS might produce next? A hellcat would be very cool! We just have to support them and buy the kits. I'm up for two corsairs and a least four Spits....if it's a XIV!



I would have bet the farm that we'd never see a 1/24th F6F before we saw a 1/32nd F6F.     But now Id definitely not take that bet!   Still cant believe we dont have a new tool F6F in 32nd. 

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