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1:32 Nieuport-Delage NiD 29 C1

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Very, very good news indeed!!! Thank you, Lukasz!!


Don't shrink hands, just build a larger aircraft in 1/48. One of the German R-type monsters perhaps? Zeppelin? 

Mike, man, R-Type?????Oi vey....that just means more TEENY turnbuckles to deal with! But a Zeppelin in 1/48 scale....hmmm?????




Two British biplane bombers and one American fighter aircraft, all will be released this year. The first of them will be announced at the end of April. 

So....let the guessing begin!!!!


I just found a manual for the Nieuport 29 on ebay!!



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Great!! Do you anticipate these will all be released at the same time?

Yes Mike all will be release at the same time.






Thanks Kev :) I will send one of these to review



Do you have any photos to share of the test kit mock-up?




I'll show all photos (parts) when the model is ready - thanks.

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