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Dragon/ AIMS 1/32 Messerschmitt BF110 G-4 2Z+GB Stab 1./NJG6..........Finished!!

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Big step made today with Fug 220 array instaaled followed by a light coat of flat varnish and with baited breath removed all cockpit masking and to my relief all was well....phew!!










So final bits like hatches, D/F loop, aerial, pitot and propellers need adding and I'll be calling this one done.


Regards. Andy

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2 hours ago, Gerhard said:

I still have my BF 110 that you guys crowd funded for me. It screams at me every day. Now you all can see why I have waited so long to start it. This is a superb build. Andy, you have done yourself proud my man. This is excellent. 

And now you have three reference builds Gerhard: Andy's, Chris's and mine so no excuses for not starting yours!! :hmmm:

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