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Dragon/ AIMS 1/32 Messerschmitt BF110 G-4 2Z+GB Stab 1./NJG6

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Thank you for your comments everyone, managed to get some bench time again after a couple of busy weeks/ weekends and built up and painted the Fug 220 dipoles which are a real pain to assemble. While looking at pictures of 2Z + GB I noticed that one of the lower antlers must have been replaced at some point as one is all black and the other side has red and white warning markings on it as you can see from the picture taken from Die Deutsche Luftwaffe Vol 3.






Also after studying pictures of exhaust stains on G-4's I slowly built these up with heavily diluted black/ red-brown paint mix.




So I'm thinking I need to add all the sticky out parts now and add a light coat of flat varnish to knock back some shiny areas and then remove all the masking over the clear parts and fingers crossed I've had no paint seep in to the cockpit!!


Regards. Andy

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On 12/5/2018 at 7:18 AM, mozart said:

That exhaust staining looks spot on Andy, it's all coming together very well indeed. 

Thank you Max, I'm always a bit of a stickler to try and get things like that as close as I can to the real thing!



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18 hours ago, LSP_Ray said:

Sweet!! Great attention to detail with the picture you found.

Looking better and better!


Thanks Ray, not to many pictures off this airframe around  but what are available are really interesting 



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