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Opinion needed on panel line accent for F-16 Thunderbird

Thunderbird Preshading  

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  1. 1. Which looks better for a F-16 Thunderbird?

    • Black panel line accent
    • Grey panel line accent

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So I'm planning to add some emphasis to the panel lines on this build rather than leaving everything stark white. There are some shadows at the panel lines on the real thing but I don't think they are as bold as when a full preshading is done and I think black basing would be way too heavy; just my opinion and I'm not experienced with doing this so I'd like to get yours  :help:


I used Tamiya's panle line accents to do this - dark grey and black. Take a peak and if you wouldn't mind submit an answer to the poll (hopefully this works as it's also my 1st poll).


Accented parts



1st Coat of Insignia White



2nd Coat of Insignia White



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Posted (edited)

instead of a true black basing of white over black which could be overly contrasty, I would "grey base" it then shoot white over that until the achieved effect is reached.

Whites a toughie for sure and t-birds are kept VERY clean.

Here is a good shot I took for ref.




click for full size

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Well guys, thanks for the additional options. I'm doing a 1/48 F-16 in the future so if I don't like this I'll try one of them out but for now i have the Tamiya washes so I'm going to use those in the interest of additional expense. I'v decided on the grey based on the poll results. Thank you all for the input! You can check out my full build over in WIP.

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