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B-25J Betty's Dream(ing) of a French Kiss

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Posted (edited)

Here's my entry into the Iron Rain GB:




I started this late last year but I believe I'm well under the 25% rule with just the engines being completed. If not, mods please feel free to move it to the WIP section.


Here's most of the AM that I'll be throwing at this kit.




In addition, there's the AMS prop blades and governors.


Once I get this up to date, things may slow down a bit as I finish my F-4 first.



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This is my favorite version of the B-25. Lots of goodies too!


Look forward to your build!



Thanks Mike!


I was torn between Betty's Dream and Hot Gen as flown by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. So my solution is to do both, starting with Betty.

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I have the awesome canon nose ! Ill pay close attention to this Carl. What brass barrel setts do you have ? D o you need that m a ny ? Thats the last bit of AM i think i need.....Harv

Thanks Harv! I have the Master 0.50 cal barrels. There's six pairs for the build:


- 4 pairs in the nose

- 1 pair in the upper turret

- 1 pair in the sides

- 1 pair in the tail


Which adds up to seven pairs!??! Bestest math. Good thing there's another one in the box after checking. It may be cheaper to get the B-17G set if that has enough in the set.


What markings are youth inking of for your build?

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Posted (edited)

I started my build with the engines. Here's most of the engine parts off the sprues for seam clean up and prep.




I started painting the various parts in their respective colours. At this point I remembered that HK moulded an extra set of pushrods onto the engines. I removed the extra ones and kept the rings they were moulded into so the cylinder bank spacing would stay correct. You can see one them in the middle of the pic.




One of the things I wanted to try was wiring a radial engine. So I carefully drilled out the ring on the AMS governors and attached some fine silver wire.







Then I finished the main engine assembly.






With the ignition wires painted black.




That's were I am at this point.

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I love the strafer. I wanted to do one as a PBJ-1J, but I found there's only one decal set out there, and it's for a CAF warbird not an actual operational USMC plane.

Almost all the PBJ's have generic markings so you can have a good chance to do any one of them.

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Coooooool! This was a great kit. Other than some minor detail corrections it goes together really nice.

I went the same way with the aftermarket too.
If your so inclined, take a look at the the cowling openings, as from documentation I found, they were substantially too small OOB.

I used a large wooden dowel of the correct diameter wrapped in 600 grit sandpaper (tapered on a lathe at the end right before the sand paper to make sure the openings got enlarged symmetrically all the way around and centered) to open them up to a more realistic size.





Looking forward to more progress!

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I have a set. Also i have masks for the stars and bars. I understand that the kit decal stars are not the right size....Harv


That's good to know Harv but like yourself I've got masks for the stars and bars as well as they're my preferred way to do insignias.

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