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Tamiya Mosquito FB VI - 3/22 - Figure painting completed

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So, after futzing with the face painting for a few hours, I decided to do his head in thinner and start over. I'm using oil paints for the skin tones, and I need to be more patient with the paint. I kept adding on layers until the paint was too thick and was ruining the detail.


So this time I put down a base layer of pale wood MRP, then a gloss coat, followed by two layers of washes. I very sparingly applied Tamiya brown panel line in the recesses and let it dry completely. I then hit a few of the deeper shadows with Tamiya dark brown. These two are roughly the color of raw sienna and burnt umber, respectively. After letting those dry and cleaning them up a little bit, I put on another coat of gloss to protect this layer. I found that the aibetulung flesh color is a little too pale when going on in thin coats, so I warmed it up with a touch of burnt sienna. I then applied this color only to the highlight areas around the brow ridge, cheeks,nose,lips, chin, and jawline. I left this to dry over night. I will gently blend this with a flat brush once it's had some time to set up. This is where patience comes in. If you want to paint faces with acrylic, you can get it all done in one sitting. But if using enamel or especially oil, you've got to commit to multiple sessions. No progress pics tonight, just the final result of this process.


I also finished blocking in the colors on the body, attached the arms, gave a gloss coat (using MRP super gloss -this stuff is great!) And applied washes using Tamiya's panel lines in black, dark brown,grey,and brown for the dirt on the boots.











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That came out great!

Thanks! Nice clean blocking on your pilot. It's going to look great with a wash and drybrushed.

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