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DesTROYer's 1/32 RAAF F/A18 B Hornet A21-103

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Happy New Year everyone. I spent the last day of 2017 assembling and painting the landing gear.  That is some intricate but sturdy kit. Little model kits in themselves.



And after seeing in the New Year, I awoke early this morning (8:00am) and after a walk in the morning sun and doing the dishes and laundry, I got stuck into painting up the bang seats. Thanks to some great photos from Mark Jessop of an ejection seat from the 2OCU family open day, I think the seats have come up real nice.  I still have to seal them, add some placard decals and a wash.










I'll seal them tonight after Top Gun, and before bed, and maybe get a start on the decals in the morning before I head out to a family lunch.

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Another day has gone, and more progress has been made. Today I started with applying the placards to the seats. After sealing them, applying a was, then adding a matt coat, they were done.


With the landing gear assembled on Monday and the placards added this morning, I decided to test fit them onto the model next.


And then added the grime to them. There is still some clean up to do here though, as they won't be this grimy when fitted to the model.


I placed the seats in next to see how they looked.  They look great IMO.




Not bad for half a days work.

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Guest Peterpools


Fantastic progress on the Hornet and I can't believe how quickly you are moving along. Love the wheel well and ejection seat detail painting - top notch for sure.

Keep 'em comin


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Cheers guys.


It was brought to my attention last night the the crotch strap on the seats were missing from the casting, So this morning I scrounged through my scrap PE and using three pieces from different sets, I made up two harness locking sets.



Once painted up and fitted to the seats, they now look the part.



I then went on to build the wing pylons, drop tanks and GBU-10's. All the connections are/will be made with brass rod, as they plastic ones felt a little weak. I've done the pylon to wing connections with brass rod too, I just haven't taken any photos of them.



I still have to assemble the AIM-9's on the wing tips, an AIM-120 on station 6 and a AN/AAS-38 FLIR pod on station 4, but they can wait for tomorrow.

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With today being my last day of holidays, I've taken the day off from the Hornet to get ready for the return to work tomorrow. (Boo) That said, I did spend the day in the office yesterday, mainly testing paint mixtures and making up the stencils for the cutter. That's it most likely until next weekend, though I will try to get one night in their during the week.


The Bottom, Top and Tail logo paint mixes ready for testing.


I think I have it right, though I have ordered some blue filter, just in case there is not enough blue in the mix.


The stencils took up much of the day, just to get them right.  I'll do a test print to check the measurements and sizing.


That's it for now. I hope you all enjoyed your break and my work so far. Best of luck for the new working year.

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Thanks, Guys. I've put down a coat of primer. I think its looking pretty Schmick with only a few areas needing more attention.




The replacement canopy piece arrived during the week and yesterday I set about removing the seam. This seemed to have gone alright at first, and I dipped it in future and let it cure for 24 hours.  Had a look again this morning and noticed a few flaws so I dipped it in Windex and gave it two more goes with wet micromesh.  The flaws are still there, which is a bit annoying.  I've ordered a set of the Dremel cloth polishing bits and will give it another polish during the week when they arrive.




I'm trying to figure out what I am going to do about the Doubler on the canopy frame. On the B it looks like this.


And the D has it like this.


The kit canopy is the D style.


So do I mask it like the B and live with it, or do I mask it like the D and live with it?  If only there were a clear filler.


I also got the ASRAAM's assembled and painted.  There was nearly a disaster with them too, but I won't bore you with that.


That's it for this weekend.  See you again next weekend.

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The nearest you will get to a clear filler is cyanoacrylate glue...  Apply to the panel lines on the bottom, sand smooth and polish.  The CA may not give perfect clarity, so some ghosting may be evident.



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Another weekend is done and dusted. It's really coming together now. The two base colours are on and by masking off certain panels and mixing some white into my premixed colours, I've lightened some panels to match my reference photos and darkened others using some Mig Filter.  It's my first time using filters, and I like the effect I've achieved.












I've begun detail painting now. The chaff and flare dispensers will be done in colours like these.


One of the tanks will be stencilled with this three squadron logo.


There will be a fair bit of grime added. They're getting on in years after all.


The Aires engines have arrived and have been cleaned up for assembly.  I just have to find some better internal photos to get the colours right and figure out the best way to paint the inside of the burner cans.


Still heaps to do.

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