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DesTROYer's 1/32 RAAF F/A18 B Hornet A21-103

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Hi guys, It's 6:00 Am on Christmas morning and I can't sleep, So i thought I'd get online and show you what I've been up to so far over my Christmas / New Years holidays. I decided to start my 2018 big and have begun work on Kinetics 1/32 F/A-18 A/B Hornet. This is a re-issue of the Academy kit. Besides the bang seats, decals and anything I scratch up, I think this kit will be mostly OOB.



Like with most of my builds, I started by researching what modifications I would need to make to the kit parts, and seeing which parts might need to be replaced. I'd remembered seeing this photo in a post on AMI a few years back so was happy to find it again in my searching. The tails look pretty good, and these mods seem simple enough. As I understand it, the knife blade re-enforcement plates are only on the left hand side of each tail piece, correct?



I will be modelling A21-103 from 3 Squadron.



There are no decals available for this plane yet in 1/32, though they are the same as for the single seater A21-57, which are included in the Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18 A/B/C/D kit.



As noted by Andrew Perren and others, the decals are too dark, but as I will be only using them to scan, enlarge and make stencils from using my portrait cutter, this will not be a problem.



I've started out with cutting out, painting and assembling the cockpit and nose landing gear bay. Work has been progressing well so far, but there is a lot more work to go before I'll be happy enough to seal up the tub.







I have to change the colours on the rear IP screens as soon as the decals have settled properly.





Thats it for now, and as I'm cooking the Christmas lunch today, I won't be getting anymore done until tomorrow. The build is going well so far, with my only complaint about the kit being the instructions being poorly printed. Numbers are unclear and locations are iffy, So Im looking for detailed picture of the real deal when ever I can.



Advice and tips are always appreciated. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Troy - merry Christmas, and can I say, SWEET project - I reckon it might be my next one. I think A21-103 had the SIDS red nose a few years back, I was thinking about doing that one - like you with scaled up 1/48 decals for the tail markings. Will be watching with INTENSE interest.



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I had a great day yesterday with the family and even scored a model from Santa.  The highlight though was getting all the nieces and nephews into their new t-shirts. Trust me, they loved them.


But with Christmas over, today I made some more progress today. I've gotten the IP's looking alright so I'm close to getting the tub sealed up.




The nose wheel bay is painted and sealed I need to give it a wash and install the landing gear, but that can wait.


I've started filling incorrect doors, removing antenna bumps and panel lines, and have even scribed some lines that were missing.




That's it for today though. I spent a few hours enjoying the Doctor Who Christmas special in the Cinema and had a great sleep in. Tomorrow I'm taking Dad out to lunch for his birthday, but after that its all modeling time. Thanks to Whitey for the link to his thread.  Very informative and it gave me some good ideas.

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Full day today, and I may even do more this evening but for now I'm taking a break, so heres a little update on my progress.


I noticed that the rear instrument panel cover was different to the two provided in the kit, so I bit the bullet and decided to cut up the two I had, and try and make them into one piece that more closely resembled the one in the photo.



















Pretty good I thought. Then I assembled and painted up the rest of the cockpit internals. Well there are a few more pieces to scratch up, that I am surprised are not included in the kit, but they shouldn't be to difficult to do.

I test fitted the canopy riser and found that due to the mods i made to the I.P. cover, I needed to extend the risers on the canopy cross bar. Simple enough to do, though a little fiddly.






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A bit of progress and its finally coming together and looking like a Hornet.  OK maybe a lot of progress.






Main landing gear bays painted.


Slats and flaps fitted.  I've gone for a 45º setting.  I may have jumped the gun on fitting them, but they will need to be done eventually and I wanted to see how it all looks.


A bit of a test fit of the tails to see how it all sits.






The Mods to the tails included adding the knife blade plates, sanding off the antennas and adding extra reinforcement plates to both sides.27606904419_47e1424ea1_h.jpg




Oh, and Australia Post actually delivered something on time and to the right place.  The seats have been test fitted and have now been washed in preparation for painting.




Up next will be assembling the landing gear, fitting more detail parts and correcting and filling the many, many seams.

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Amazing work you got there and you build things very quick and well too 

Kinetic's instruction was scanned from Academy, if you need clearer ones, you can use Academy F/A-18D...(abit different from the B version)


Can be download from here



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