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Spitfire VB Trop Hobbyboss


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My latest build for a GB on another forum, but large scale so thought I'd show it here.


I realise and know the canopy is wrong and a couple of other bits, but this was for a Hobbyboss/Trumpeter kit GB and I just wanted to try the camo scheme for this Malta Spit. I've 4 more variants I want to do and these will be much for accurate (hopefully).


I did correct the tail stabilisers and the prop with quickboost am as well as master barrels and some eduard pe.


Mr Paint, Gunze and Tamiya for paintwork and oils, ammo and AK for weathering.














And the book I was working from



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Great build.

It is important to remember that 99 out of 100 model builders wouldn't even know that this kit is "wrong" when it comes to the canopy and all. You've done the right thing in finishing it and moving on.


Unlike me. For my Vc/trop I am planning a kitbash galore, with a bit of Hobbyboss, a bit of Hasegawa and a bit of Revell IXc. You will notice there's no build thread yet ...  :doh:

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That is a great Job and a bit personal for me.

A 249 Squadron Spit from my Father's squadron whilst he was on Malta (1941-3).

He was the Engineering Officer on 249 so one of "his" aircraft.

I remember the stories of Buck McNair, Johnny Plagis and "Screwball" Beurling (He wasn't called "Buzz" on the Squadron despite what you might read)

One thing I do remember about his memories was that on Malta, supplies were so short they painted them with anything they had.

So codes etc could be white, yellow. sky or whatever was available at the time.

Good to have the photo as well as most Malta Spits had an additional blanked off cannon port on each wing  as when they flew them in a lot had four cannons but on going into service two were removed for spares and the port blanked off with a rounded cover.

Nice easy way to get spare cannons to the island!

There was no set pattern either so some could have the inner fairing blanked and the others had the outer.


Nice build and thanks for sharing.


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