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First Armor In 15 Years! Cyber-Hobby's 1/35 T-34 Mod. 1940

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As the title says, I haven't built any armor in at least 15 years. Things have really progressed in the hobby and I've also developed a few techniques in working with aircraft that I wanted to try on a tank (namely, oils for weathering and filters, but also in the base painting techniques). My favorite tank of all time is probably the T-34 and since I don't have the initial 1940 production version in my collection yet, I thought that would be  a good one. This will be a rather anonymous tank, but inspired by the many different photos of this variant that I could find. In addition to the CH kit, I'm using parts from the Eduard PE set, as well as an aluminum barrel from Armorscale (and it also comes with a very nice resin mantlet, but I messed mine up, so I ended up reverting to the kit parts, which aren't that bad, either). I decided to leave off the long stowage boxes, as many photos of these tanks show them missing. I also cut off the front fenders to give it a meaner look (to my eye, anyway).


Unfortunately, I have to box this build for a bit and knock out a couple of quick commission builds. However, I'll be coming back to do the wheels/tracks and the rest of the hull equipment, as soon as possible. There is still a ton of work to be done, but it's been very enjoyable so far and has certainly rekindled my enthusiasm for armor modeling. Here's what I have, so far....













Happy Modeling!



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