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HK Models Do 335B-6 Due in January 2018!

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I hope they will add the parts and decals for D-335 M17, which was captured and completed by French and German personnel. Finally it was flown in 1947.

Not interested in a "what-if" plane. Now I have to go with ZM for the A-12, even when I don´t like the clear main parts.


What is the difference between a B-6 and a M-17?

A quick wiki check (am on my phone) and I can't see anything about the M-17.



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HK told me they were't doing the B-4 version but I have a B-4 conversion nearly complete. Graham did the 3D work for me. I'm just working on the last parts for it and should be ready soon. Also, HK informed me the other day that their A-12 2-seat variant is on hold since ZM beat them to the punch.

What is the appropriate base kit for this?

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What is the appropriate base kit for this?


I was using the B-2 as the base kit as the information I have it was to be armed recon with armored B-2 wind screen and larger nose wheel associated with the B variant.  Could be wrong though.  Always a first for everything.  Have the bomb bay doors with camera ports, wing inserts to remove the 30mm cannons, extended wingtips, and a couple other parts if I remember right.  Been a while.

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We (french) had the M14 W.nr 230014 RP+UQ B2 and the M17 W.nr 230015. As we loved to crash german airplanes, the two birds were scrapped at the end of the 40'...no comment...


It is known that the batch of the M15 and M16 2300..CP+UP and RP+? were equipped as nightfighter for test



So.. can we say that the B6 is really a "what if"? I would say it's only a bird a bit unknown...and we can hope that photographic evidence appears in the next years...or a wonderful find of a wreck as mentionned few months ago in a private collection bring more details...


Eric L, what did you say in the post#16, you propose an upgrade with the long span wing?





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