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F-4C Phantom II - Tamiya 1/32

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I think my jaw just broke when it hit the floor.


Wow, even the front tires are worn and torn. Just like the real thing. One looks like it is off the rim in one of the pictures but you appear to have fixed it in others.

Thank You Scooby. Good spot. You are right. I didn't notice one tire slipped off when I turned it around during photo session. I only noticed after somebody spotted on the picture later on...

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On 11/30/2017 at 12:23 AM, Memir said:


I am LSP member couple months already and this is first time I am uploading my work here.

I got this kit from my wife back in 2000 and since then it stayed in stash as I was away from hobby for the same time.


This is Tamiya's kit representing F-4C of 497th TFS based in Ubon, Thailand around 1967.

Aircraft was originally deployed to Vietnam in Navy standard colors Light Gull Grey FS16440 and White FS17875.

After some time original grey Phantoms were repainted in local paintshops with SEA camouflage on top, while bottom remained in original Navy White FS17875.

As painting conditions were not ideal, Phantoms were prone to heavy chipping and there were original large insignias, corogard and letters showing through SEA camouflage colors.

I used following extras during build:

Avionix cockpit (nightmare to fit...)

GT Resin: Seamless intakes, center 600 gal tank, outer USAF pylons

Eduard: etched interior set, exhaust, masks, Sidewinders, Sparrows, TER, MER

Videoaviation: BLU-27 Napalm fIre bombs

MB MK.5 seats were in stash for 17 years and I do not remember what make are they...

I used original Tamiya insignias, all letters and night owl are homemade masks...

Paints: Mr Paint colors and Flory washes

Thanks and regards,
































10/10 simply a work of art, I just fell in love with this phantom, we need the "behind the scenes" of this model as a tutorial for some things, the effects of escape or wear of the fuselage

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