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Telford - HPH B-36

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I went to Telford with £510 in my pocket, enough to buy one... but sadly most of it was already spent. Gutted to say the least, I would of loved one. But I guess now I should start saving for the GIGANT.........


I did but a HpH kit though, but £25's worth... in the shape of a L-200 Morava, stunning.

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Not much being said about the HPH C-47 so far.

They had the model on display and it certainly looked good to me. 

Raised rivets galore which appeared convincing although I'm no expert.

I did over hear Marek telling one prospective customer that it was 670 but 600 at the show. 

I'm not sure if that was Euros or Sterling.


Given the huge number produced and the myriad schemes available I'm surprised there is n't more chatter about this.


Edit: Scratch the above. Wrong thread, sorry.

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I'm an idiot!

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