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You guys voted, here is my “Help me pick� Ki-84 Hayate (Frank) bui

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I left the choice up to you guys, you voted, and the Frank won over the Spitfire 6 to 4. So here it is. After collecting a few aftermarket upgrades, I finally got started on my Ki-84 Frank by Hasegawa. The goal the this build is to test and experiment with heavy wear, weathering, and chipping. This thing is going to look like it was used, abused, and forgotten about.


Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank) special edition



Montex Mask 32100



Eduard 32542 Interior set, I am mainly using this set for the seat and panel, but I’m using some details that are not on the kit parts, if the kit parts look descent, then I leave it off.


Quickboost exhaust, in my opinion, it’s not worth the time to hollow out the kit parts when you can buy these for $7

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A little more PE hell last night, I got so lucky attaching the rear seat mounts/posts at the exact right spacing to fit the floor and rear bulkhead...luck, that’s all it was. I have to admit, as complicated as the seat was, it came out awesome! Way better than the kit seat.





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It’s quite a nice kit to build; I finished one earlier this year.


Very nice work so far. Thanks for posting. I’ll be following your build with interest.

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That has to be the best looking aircraft seat I've ever seen.



I have to admit, the major suckage of the Hasegawa seat made the Eduard seat worth it. It was a pain because it had so many folds and curves, but I have to admit, it wasn’t that bad to assemble.

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I did a little work last night, I painted the engine and test assembled it (no glue yet). I still need to weather it and add the ignition wires.




It was tough finding some good usable pictures of the Honmare 45 engine, but I found these were a good reference.







I primered the cockpit and spayed a coat of duraluminum, then gave it a good coat of chipping medium. I still have not decided which color to paint the cockpit, but I’m leaning toward the light brown/khaki shade.



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