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Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla

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Thanks for the comments.  Airfixer... your observations are always appreciated!  I personally liked having a little bit of detail on that tail piece but, for the sake of accuracy, it is a very easy matter to fill in the panel line and rivets to depict the likely wood tail.  Especially since I have not attached the rudder.  On an unrelated note... I really like how you highlight your points graphically!

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Wrapping up the transition between the engine cowling and the fuselage.  Added a panel line along the bottom.






I've learned to use magnification to help improve my work, especially these types of close-up photos. They can be brutally revealing but using them to identify and correct flaws results in better work.








The wing root joint has also been cleaned up although it was never bad to begin with.






Say good-bye to the rivets and panel line on the wooden tail!  Thanks for the suggestion, Airfixer!




The slight surface irregularities revealed by the primer will be evened out.



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The Revi gun sight has been added to the instrument panel.  I'll be putting on the canopy and windscreen soon.






Revell has engineered the kit so that the control surfaces are movable.  I don't particular like that idea as they would most likely flop around, droop to the lowest position (for the horizontal surfaces anyway) and wear off paint.  So I am going to glue the control surfaces into place.  The rudder is the first to be glued on.




I am thinking about the camo finish although it is a few steps ahead.  I am going to do Hartmann's White Double Chevron G-10.  Anders Hjortsberg has a nice profile of Hartmann's G-10 on his Profile Paintshop website...






Anders concedes the speculative nature of this profile since only the fuselage from the cockpit forward is represented in the existing photos of this machine.  Anders chose to portray the bottom as natural metal with light blue (RLM 76) wing tips and control surfaces.  Is an all RLM 76 bottom just as likely?  Both Eagle Cal and Barracuda Erla G-10 decal sets have representatives of both bottom treatments.  Should I just pick one or is one more likely than the other for this particular machine?  I am leaning towards doing the RLM 76 bottom as I feel I can do a better job of it than the metal finish, which I don't particularly like to do.

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Guest Airfixer

I'd go with RLM 76 painted undersides.

Partially unpainted wing undersides are photographically documented throughout the G-10 series - Erla, WNF/Diana and Messerschmitt.


Only one example of partially painted underwing surfaces - Erla Bf 109G-10, W.Nr.491407, A.N.R.



If you feel better with RLM 76, go for it!

Due to the lack of photographs of the undersides of Hartmann's mount, speculation/RLM 76 is your friend.

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Thanks for the helpful comments.  I guess RLM 76 undersides is a good choice.  I'll probably go with that.  Getting closer to painting as I add the final details to the cockpit before closing it up.  I've added the little lights on the forward cockpit walls.  I lost the resin pieces to the carpet monster.  I cut off the lights from the kit cockpit sidewalls since they weren't used and proceeded to lose one of those as well.  I fashioned one out of a 1/48 machine gun barrel.  Futzing with those lights also knocked out the optical glass from the Revi sight so I had to cut some new ones from clear acetate.  Can't see it well but I painted the edges of the rear glass a clear blue/green.






The clear canopy parts can now be glued into place.  I've also attached the horizontal stabs and wing ailerons.  Those middle flaperons are just snapped into place for now.




One the bottom, the center panels including the ammo chute openings have been glued into place.






I'll have to do some minor fill work on that bottom panel area as well as the windscreen and canopy.  But I'm that much closer to painting!

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Upon looking at the close-up pics of the exhausts, I wasn't quite happy with the results, so I decided to do a little more work on them.  I resprayed them with Duraluminum but sprayed lightly so that it did not cover the previous work entirely.  I thought this might create a little more depth.




The exhausts were given a re-mist of Exhaust Manifold.




And again, the bases were sprayed with a darker metallic color.




The dry-dabbing of the rusty color was performed more carefully this time, making sure that my splotches were not as big.




Finally, the tips of the pipes were highlighted with black.






A test fit onto the fuselage to see how the painted exhausts look.





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I hope the LSP community is having a wonderful holiday season!


The Erla G-10 build continues although the busy holidays are keeping many of us from spending too much time on the workbench, including me!  I've put a coat of primer (Mr Surfacer 1000 thinned with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner) on the G-10 prior to starting the painting. As usual, the primer revealed a lot of little errors that need correction before I start painting so I've been addressing those.








I don't always primer the entire model before painting but on my last build, I experienced some paint lifting during the masking of the markings and I wanted to avoid that here.  One thing I didn't like about the primer coat is that it seemed to be burying the rivet detail little by little.  I backed off on the application of the primer so that's why it looks a bit splotchy.  I've decided to carefully re-do the rivets which is taking a lot of time.  It's a pain trying to wheel the Rivet-R exactly over the existing holes.






So I'm inching towards the paint stage of this build.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get some paint on within the next few days.



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