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F7F-3 Tigercat - BuNo 80405 - VMF 312 MCAS - El Toro, CA 1946

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Brian - big milestone.  you are one of these guys where one wonders early on if the project is going to come out.  And then you wave your magic wand late in the game and it just looks awesome!  I know how hard that engine integration work is.

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I spent this Sunday in lockdown reading all 60 pages of this incredible Wip even if it is not among my favorite planes, I can only admire your work and your constancy. Now that I have discovered this project, I stay tuned to see the progress. regards

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Thanks all! Your comments really mean a lot, as motivation is still a key factor in taking this one to fruition. 


I've taken both the MLG bases of the wings and the nacelle interiors about as far as I'm going to. 


To be honest, I think if I take them much further the overall fit may start to suffer and as it sits, the fit of the nacelles currently is pretty decent.

There are also other details left to add like the nacelle roofs, oil tanks and lines, and other small things that will need to wait until after the nacelles are permanently glued in.


Pics later as I still need to upload them to my Smugmug account.



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Once again, thanks all. The nacelles and upper roof of the nacelles (bottom of the wing effectively) are as complete as I can get them without fully attaching them to the airframe, as the oil tanks and piping and rear roof of the nacelles cannot be added until the nacelle itself is glued down.


Nothing has been glued in yet, as I still need to fully re-scribe and rivet both nacelles before gluing them in:









Upper nacelle roof/bottom of the wings are about as done as they are getting prior to gluing things down as well:












Nacelles just setting in place atm:















You will have to excuse all the hairs, I attempted to clear a wash out from the sides of the well interior and the Q-tip/cotton swab, and have not had a chance to clear out the remnants.


Now that things are where they are, its now down to actually gluing down the nacelles. Its a bit of a nervous time, as getting the placement of these is absolutely critical, as their position dictates where the PE upper section of the wings that crosses over into the rear of the nacelles goes, as well as giving the MGL their final positions.


Im hoping to be able to get these re-scribed and glued down tonight.



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Thanks guys!  The gluing up of the nacelles is really critical, so I've GOT to make sure they go on correctly aligned, as I plan on using JB Weld. Having quite a bit of experience with JBW, I can say with confidence, get the parts exactly where you need them before the epoxy dries, as once JBW is dry, there is NO getting it unstuck without severe damage to both parts you were gluing. I always use it where ever the need for critical strength applies. In this case, a large percentage of the models weight is rested on the MLG which in turn are only supported by a block (also glued with JBW) that is glued to the nacelles.  



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