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Using Pigments?

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Bear in mind though the sealer might darken the pigments.


Good point to bring up. If you put the pigment down and brush or spray the fixer over it, it definitely changes the way the pigment looks. That was my number 1 complaint about it when I first started using it, and some tuts did exactly this, and I didnt really like the outcome.


I learned quickly that spraying or brushing the fixer on first, then dusting the pigment over it, really helps keep the pigment closer to the way it looks right out of the bottle. 

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If you use standard white-spirit-like as a fixer, once it's fully dry, the pigments get back to their original color. Maybe a fixer based on a very diluted varnish or glue can modify the color, especially if it's not perfectly flat.

However, spraying a mist of thinned matt varnish over the pigments is OK, but NOT a wet coat !


The best way to experiment is... to experiment ! Just take a plastic something, paint it the color you want, and play with the pigments, try various things, so you will see what you can achieve, or not, without taking any risk with your model. :)

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