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Kitty Hawk to release 1/35 HH-60G

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I'd LOVE to see what you do with it, Pig! 


Not to sound like a broken record, but now we need KH to do an accurate AH-1G, AH-1J, AH-1T, AH-1W, and UH-1N, all in 35th and 48th....





Second that!!!!!!!!

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There is an excellent write up on HH-60G and MH-60G developement in Fliyd Werners beautiful 48th and 35th decal sheet.

It covers rptimes, gun arrangements, changovers etc.

Awesome decal sheer to go with this kit.


Thanks for the heads-up on those Darren..I wasn't aware. Just ordered some-





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Guest Clunkmeister

Well, Floyd Werner is involved with the KH helos since he Huey, and the Huey is a reall winner so I'm not concerned at all.

Floyd takes these eggbeaters seriously and he puts his Company Logo on the boxes as well, so I expect it'll be dead on the money.

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Having been out of the UH-60M/S-70 loop for a few years now, I have a couple questions for the guys that know this helo.... First, did the miniguns in the gunners doors go away or is the fact that the CAD images show the M2 in each gunners station a configuration and can be interchanged between Minigun and Ma Deuce? Second, the image of the Robbie tank is not what I remember. The CAD image of the tank looks a lot larger than what I remember being installed in the S-70's (UH-60 Mikes) when I worked the FMS line in 2011. Has this been changed since then?

My understanding is that the mount can mount either a M3M/GAU-21 (aviation variant of the M2) or a M134/GAU-17 minigun. The M3M offers better range/standoff than the minigun, plus a higher rate of fire than the M2 (~1,000 RPM vs. 550 RPM, cyclic), at a lower weight (by three pounds!).

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