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Aerotech Supermarine S5


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22 hours ago, Quiet Mike said:

Torben, I've signed up here just so I can say thanks for posting up such a brilliant build thread. I'm currently tackling the AMP 1/48 scale version (over on Britmodeller) and the instructions have some howling errors in them. Your thread has put me straight on several points.



Thanks Mike, most kind of you :D


Goodness me, I cannot believe a year’s gone by...


Funnily enough, I saw the AMP early CAD work images for your kit on Facebook a while back and got in contact with them with reference for the interior and a link to the build here as the original planned version was totally off kilter! Although they seem to have then followed this reference they unfortunately show the cockpit floor structure completely back to front in the instructions!!! A shame because it’s great to get such an iconic racer in kit form and the overall kit looks good - I like what AMP do too.


For those that have followed this build so far - I’m genuinely hoping that I’ll find the some proper headspace in 2021 to pull this build (along my other shelf queens) back on the work desk, she is a labour of love that I want to finish to the best I can.


Cheers again, and seasons greetings all,


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  • 2 years later...

Hi Malc,


Crikey! has it been that long! Thanks for your note...


I’m afraid I’ve had to take a pretty prolonged break from almost all modelling, especially the bigger/research heavy projects! This is largely due to heavy work commitments as I’m self employed and have been lucky enough to be very much in demand the last couple of years :) My home also needs a lot of work too...


That said, the S5 has been stored safely and is high on my list of projects to pick up on when I find/make time to focus on !! (That and my long overdue 1/32 Airacobra!)


Hopefully not such a long gap for the next update.




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