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Mr scale32

"Operation Krokus Hasenholz woods" Ba-349 1/32

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Driven by a HWK 109 and 4 SG 34 The Ba-349 is by far the most radical and suicidal aircraft(stated not by Erich Bachem)  in the WW II, Fortunately, the Natter project where stopped with only 36 Natters constructed. Only one test-run was made, by the pilot Lothar Sieber who didnt surrived the testflight. 

Eric Bachem started to build Housetrailers after the war. In Plywood...


The kit is Fly 1/32. it is almost OOB. Only seatbelts(HGW textile) and secure lines for the stand are added.  It is painted with Gunze RLM 02 and RLM red.
















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What a great build of a crazy little machine! Those guys had to be insane to build that thing!!



Well, certainly insane to fly it ..  .


Nicely done, Henrik!




Reminds me of my father................He always said, "Hey, when falling off of a building, the falling isnt the problem at all, its the stopping

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