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Felixstowe N4297

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How do you eat an elephant....


I took my first bite tonight and started setting up my most ambitious build ever. The stunningly beautiful Wingnut Wings Felixstowe F.2a.



I was inspired singularly by Ernie's fantastic Felixstowe to build my own. Seeing his in person on multiple occasions made me realize I had to have one myself. I've deliberated and decided on the gorgeous scheme E:



I'm starting this thread now as I begin work on the beast this week. However, I don't plan on finishing my Felix soon. I'm allocating a year and a half, with an eye towards 2019 Nationals. Aftermarket items haven't been finalized as of yet. The plan currently is Bob's Buckles for the rigging, Aviattic decals for the wings, and probably Aviattic wood grain for the fuselage side sections. If not then it'll be HGW wood or Uschi depending on who has the right wood tone. I'm really planning on leaning on the Wingnut mafia here for guidance and suggestions to make this a build to be proud of!

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Hey Tony, I just ordered a couple sheets of the Aviattic and the HGW wood sheets to do some testing myself. I have been wanting to do a wooden exterior on my Albatros. I wanted to see which one is the most realistic. I'll send you a couple pieces of them to do some testing yourself.


But holy cow! You are going to need several sheets for this thing. I was also blown away by the size of Ernie's Felixstowe. You are going to need a new desk to park your work-in-progress on.

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