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Mr b

1/32 Trumpeter Mig 29 made as Malaysian N

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Hey Brian,


Nicely done! Is the Malaysian Airforce still using the Mig 29? Just curious. I recall seeing some Su-30MMK a while back and Hornets possibly? I also recall seeing Mig 21's while working in Subang airport a few years back fly over head...lovely model by the way!


Regards from Singapore.



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Thanks alot guys much appreciated.


Troy - as I know they are not flying and India was interested to buy them........yest MKM and the hornets are still going good...........the hornet has a rather nice special scheme with black and red launched for the OC's bird to celebrate the sqn anniversary.........


MIG 21 now that is interesting...........would like to know more about that...........maybe it was a visitor.........we never had or used the Mig 21...........


Thanks again Troy and Darren



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