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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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a small update to share a good experience with a product new to me.

Tinting glass/canopies is something I ( we ? ) don't practice that often and honestly I never feel comfortable when reaching this step. Moreover in the case of Tomcats I often find the tinting effect a bit overdone. Then I found just per chance the Alclad clear Armour Glass tint. ( On a webshop where I was looking for something totally different ! ) and decided to give a try.


I found it a very good product. The tint is much lighter than expected and builds up slowly enough to stop before it's too late ! I sprayed through my airbrush, medium pressure a few passes of a mist coming a bit more wet in the end. THe result is cristal clear, equal shade all over the part, perfect tension. Straightforward and spot on the result I was looking for.

What a relief because this is a step where you can't really mess up or you end up ordering new clear parts !





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Alclad's armoured glass is a great product with no adverse effects on the clear parts, and even if you get some orange peel, you can micromesh and polish it to perfect clarity.  Beware though that - in my experience - Alclad's other transparent colours; red, green, blue, yellow, smoke are far more aggressive on clear parts and will ruin the clarity of these parts.



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here's an update. After reading Daco's book, the build is turning into a 3D thema and I chose to try and take part of the big scale. Pictures show many lines of filler showing the fight against water all around the airframe. Some line appear fresh an dstraight, some are pretty rough and uneven. I depicted this with different ways to lay down some Mr Surfacer, which hopefully will help to give a bit of life to such a big surface.








I got rid of some unwanted rivets, typical Trumpeter surprise.








I added a bit of detail around the taillhook and reshaped and hollowed the hook itself.




The canopy is cristal clear and superb but has horrible and thick raised details ( fuse lines above bang seats ), so sanding and polishing were necessary.




I have an eduard etch set but the details that have to go on the slats wells dont show some very viible rails so I'll do this part on my own and started with masks and layers of surfacer.




I started to detail the belly pallets and thought their head would be OK...I detailed hinges, holes and rivets...and once I dryfitted them on the kit with a missille....they looked terribly flat. So I kiked my b..tt and went into reshaping their head covers: I opened the with a razor saw, added an insert cut from Daco's drawings. I raised the bulge lines that appear on the outer vertical face by addind a thick strip, sanded and carve it. Then I laid a structure made with thin rods and suffed it with modelling clay . I sanded the clay down until the rods showed off and used thin filler and surfacer to get an even finish. I finished them with scribing and a few hinged doors ( R and L layouts are different ). At the moment a last coat of Surfacer is drying to get a step between the rail and the first part of the cover: I didnt treat both part of the head together to get the impression of to separate parts in the end, both having smoother lines than the rail itself. Resin bomb adapter are Aires/Aerobonus items.












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