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Lothar's Last Ride - LVG C.VI Passenger Conversion

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This is going to be the next project when the DH.9 is finally rigged - WNW LVG C.VI, converted to a postwar "limo" with place for two passengers in place of the rear gunner. The specific plane, D-148, is reported in Over The Front vol 30 issue 1 to be the plane that Lothar von Richthofen was killed flying, following engine failure on July 4, 1922. 


The "airline", DLR, was the forerunner to Lufthansa, you may notice the familiar company emblem on the tail.  Photos of DLR LVGs all show the aircraft in pretty pristine shape without oil stains or dirt, so I'm planning to make this one look as though it's pretty fresh out of the paint (dope) shop with glossy black and silver dope. 





From the OTF article, another DLR passenger LVG. it looks like an Anemometer on the forward inner interplane strut, also. 



And from the internet, another crashed DLR LVG limo/taxi, with undamaged areas looking factory fresh and confirming underside color and equipment details




Modifications will include the following:

Fill in the areas designed for the forward-firing Spandau

Remove pulley and raised guides for the sliding panel over belly camera hatch

Fill and blend the camera and wireless antenna holes in belly panel and rear cockpit floor

Trim the top off of part A37 (fuselage frame in rear of gunner cockpit)

Trim back the fuselage top to the next panel line back, to match internal bulkhead designed to hold the wireless

Remove rear half of the top cockpit fairing


Two seats will be added in the rear cockpit, facing each other. I haven't yet decided what seats to use or copy, but I'm considering Aviattic's Fokker seats (possibly with reshaped backs) as they look so darn nice.

Possibly add Gaspatch anemometer to left wing forward inner strut

Finally a new fairing with windscreen (clear? opaque?) will need to be made to cover the passenger compartment.


Late evening gathering of thoughts, on modification of kit pieces:


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Very nice and interesting! Good luck and patience!  :)


LOL thanks.  Luckily for me, the degree of scratchbuilding needed is even within the acceptable limits of my patience :P

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