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1/12 Bristol Beaufighter Front Fuselage - scratch build

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Slowly I feel like a dinosaur, no computer – no PE, no 3d-printing ... :hmmm:



I did use 3D printing to get precise shape of the surface. 

I really don't think I'd be able to do it by hand in this scale.

And, as it was my first time 3D printing, I also wanted to test the technology.

I will also need the inverted template for the skin later.


Thanks for comments!


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Here's a small step forward for this project.
The skeleton made of papercard. Just to see how it looks and feels.

It's not even glued together yet, so I can play with it.
I'm still not decided if I'll use plastic or metal for this.
Most of it will be hidden probably so it could be not so realistic plastic for this part.
But then there's a possibility of transparent skin...

What do you think?




And here's more complete cockpit in 3D:




Still a lot of things missing there.



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Out of interest, did you know that the RAF at Halton had a front fuselage and engines bolted to a shed as a ground running classroom, each student would run it with an instructor while the rest of the class watched on.




Watching this impressive build :)

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Your 3D printer have an incredible finish. What kind of printer are you using?


I didn't do it myself.

It was made here:


Very nice people, by the way.


I need to check the material and printer used.

But I'm happy with the finish. 

Not absolutely smooth, but can be sanded.

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Very ambitious project this!

i think you should go with mixed media - go with what-ever works for you!

Will be watching!


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Thanks. Yes, mixed media is the way.

I think I'll build more than one on the way to the final one.


I've planned to show some progress this week but couldn't make it somehow.

Now I'm heading to Telford. If anybody wants to discuss anything, I'll be there whole weekend. Cosford on Monday, and then home. And back to the workbench (or rather table) hopefully.



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So, I had to go to page 7 to find my thread... :doh:


It's time for small update.
Due to my bad planning (both batteries for my big camera out of energy - since my Telford trip) I've got only mobile quality pictures.
But I've decided to put them out, so I can move on. I hope they're good enough.

There's some progress in the front section and the floor.

All is glued together, so it's quite rigid.
It feels good to have something to play with.










And this one is for a comparission with my hand:



So this paper version will serve as a test bed for future, hopefully.

Now it's time for plastic, I think. That should be more detailed.

I have to work out the best way to transfer the designs to styrene sheets.

I'm thinking abut printing it to some kind of translucent film... even self-adhesive, may be...

Any advice would be appreciated.  ;)




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