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And........... Weep


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Weep? Nope ... I am in awe and MY eyes are looking at candy ! I am AMAZED by his meticulous research and methodical resizing and scaling down to get it just so.


I see reading his article that he chooses material that makes his tasks easier


How refreshing to read honest opinions.


I wonder if the Mustang is still at COSFORD cuz I would love to see it on person .


Thank you Tony.... I checked out his SPITFIRE ... drooling over the Mustang and the Spitfire.


just :wow:


KUDOS to him.



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Maru, the P51 is indeed still at Cosford.


In my vists there, I have pretty much spent as much time looking at it as I have the 'actual' aircraft (and they have some lovely examples there!)


What those pictures don't convey is the physical heft it, (and the Spitfire), have in the 'flesh'. 1/5 is a big scale!


David is now building a Mark IX Spitfire.




Our very own Peter Airscale's magnificent Spitfire very much reminds me of one of David's creations.

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