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Takom AML-90 of the IDF

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I wanted to do something a bit quick and get away from planes for a moment.  I have a '61 Catalina in the booth, but I wanted to show this.  This is one of Takom's newest 1/35 kits of the Panhard AML-90.  I will be painting it as an Israeli version.  DEF Models will be releasing some new tires and wheels for this shortly which I will use.  The kit fits great.  My only complaint is there are some fiddly bits.  Some of the instructions could be better as well though.










I am hoping that I can get paint on this on Friday.  Will get completed when the DEF wheels are released.

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I haven't added any extra details yet.  The only thing I will add is a 30 cal muzzle for the coax and of course those wheels.  Gotta love the IDF muzzle breaks.  When in doubt, make it bigger, lol.


Imagine if Takom made planes!

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