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AIMS 1/32 Ju 88 P-1

Pastor John

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Hi everyone, just an update on the Ju 88 P-1, I picked up at E Day my BK 75s from Schatton-Modelbau and at same time received news that the 3D design was finished and will soon be printed. I already have the simple decal slip here at home for some time. This will be a simple and in-expensive conversion with the gondola made as a clear vac together with the rest of the belly and lower nose, either mask off the windows and use the whole part or mask off, cut out gondola only and re-scribe / add strengthening strips to kit belly parts. I will make new copy of my existing Ju 88 G-6 nose master and add extra plate to the bottom and re-mould. With only one factory photo of one side of the BK 75 breech I am unwilling to try and design the interior for this set - plus since starting to invest in its production the A-4 disappeared from Revell's production list so i just doing a basic set as I am not hopeful for large sales and so want it as cheap as possible. I know its wrong scale but perhaps those of you wanting to have the crew hatch open and see the breech will use a Tamiya gun part?




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I picked up a Schatton-Modelbau BK5 barrel from GMF (out of an Me.262 conversion) a while back to (hopefully) adapt it to my HpH Me.410 ... it looks to be 'the bomb'.

I'm pretty sure the lovely brass BK7.5 barrel I have in the Hs.129B-3 kit is the same as the one above ... 


Rog :)

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It might be of interest that those Ju88Ps were later used up at Schuleinheiten without cannon after their limited combat 'carrier'.
Several photographs have been published from those aircrafts.
So this could be an inspiration for a you John, for a decal sheet where not only Versuchsmuster (test) or combat P's migth appear ...


BTW, as far as I remember there is a photo of such a Training (Schul-) aircraft in 

'Luftwaffe over Czech territory' Japo-book.

The planes looked as if only the 7.5 cm cannon had been deleted whereas the wapon bay remained.


Additionally some numerical facts from original sources from the Luftwaffe (Gen.Qu.Chef) Flugzeugbestands Report of 31.01.44.The report shows that of a total of 18 Ju88P-1's, 17 were in service (one in repair), flying all toghether 57 hours that month. In March 44 24 a/c were at front Units. However beginning with April/May of a total of 39 P-1 and P-4s 15 a/c were at school and 3 at other units, while only 2 were at combat units, remaining 20 a/c were at repair facilities. In he September Report all remaining 14 P's were allocated to flying schools. So these tank hunter aircrafts had a very limited combat history, not counting the time necessary for development and testing at the Junkers works and Erprobungsstellen (Tarnewitz).


I hope these compilation of some limited history facts might be of interest for modellers planning to build such a rare bird.  

Thanks to John for his dedicated care for Junkers 88/188/388 model aircraft. 



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