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Su-25M1 Digital Camo Trumpeter 1:32

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This is my first post in the LSP forum.
I will start by greeting all forum members.
Pleas find Below the very first models that I would like to present in the forum.
They are made without any additional elements straight out the box.

Set: Su-25 Frogfoot Trumpeter 1:32
Plane: Su-25M1 from Ukraine Air Force
Painting: Sikkens
Decal: Foxbot FBOT32001
Pitot Tubes: Master


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Thank you all for the warm welcome on the forum and I am glad about all the interest in my su-25 model.
I will try to post pictures of my models from time to time.
Please notice that some of the models were built back in 2015 or later.
There was a lot of work involved in building and painting them regarding not only the camouflage itself,but also the rivets, putty to cover inequalities, defects, and panel matching lines which required significant amount of devotion.
While painting I used FOXBOT decals only, whereas masks were made by myself using airbrush paper.

Please find attached the photos of the building process:


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