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Ltn. Werner Voss September 23, 1917. In Memoriam.

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Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of Ltn. Werner Voss. Not a case for celebration – more a reason for remembrance of this remarkable young pilot and of so many others from all sides who perished in the War to End All Wars.


Richard Andrews of  Aviattic has commissioned a set of decals from us and a superb figure of Voss from Nino Pizzichemi, these will be available from Aviattic as a comprehensive set including streaked camouflage decals for the Fokker F.I, designed by Richard and Juanita Franzi, artwork from Dave Douglass, an illustrated booklet and a replica Sanke Postcard of Voss. As part of our collaboration, Sabine and I are delighted to announce that Pheon are also offering Voss' marking decals (for his Albatros D.III and Fokker F.I) and the resin figure and these decals will be available for pre-order on the Pheon website later today, either as a combination (marking decals and resin figure) for £30.00 or the decals may be purchased separately for £12.50 and the figure for £20.00. All plus shipping, of course.


The figure will be accompanied by our etched German pilot accessories – 1/32nd Pour le Merite (Blue Max) medal x 2, Iron Cross x 2 pilot's badge x 2 plus two styles of authentic German goggles. Whilst the figure does not carry the medals, the goggles are useful added detail , either to be added to his hand carrying his helmet or around his neck. The Medals include tiny decals and can be used on other German figures, of course.

The decals include all markings for Voss' Fokker F.I (Dr.I pre-production machine) including all national markings, a full suite of werke nr. decals, Fokker tail logo, Idflieg and Fokker construction plates for the cowling and compass variation table for the amunition box. The decals for the Albatros D.III also include Albatros and Idflieg construction plates and placards for the Mercedes D.IIIa engine. Both sets include newly-drawn Aviatik propeller logos - without a gold background.

We would expect to be able to ship the figures and decals within the next 2 weeks or so.

More Fokker Dr.I news, we are also working with Richard to release an etched undertray with separate access hatch and fastenings and detailed firewall to accompany an Aviattic resin cowling specifically for the Fokker FI. Pheon and Aviattic will also be releasing etched details for the Dr.I, (including underside tray, hatch and fastenings, firewall and brackets, as well as throttle quadrant and other internal details) to accompany the excellent Aviattic resin cowling, which is already available direct from them. As is their beautiful Fokker pattern resin pilot's seat.

Furthermore, Pheon are preparing the most comprehensive decal selection ever for the Fokker Dr.I. These markings will extend over seven decal sets covering at least 97 different schemes - not too bad considering that only 320 were built! Initially these sets will be available in 32nd scale, but consideration will be given to releasing 72nd and 48th scale versions if there is sufficient demand. It is our joint aim for Aviattic and Pheon to provide the WWI modeller with the greatest opportunity to use the Roden kit as the basis for a comprehensive Dr.I model selection, able to sit alongside a WNW model collection without blushing!

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Not much of  a Voss fan, but gorgeous stuff nonetheless. . .


SEVEN sheets for the Dr.I ???!!!!! Wow! The availability of streaked decals to complement them ensures I'll be buying one or two Roden kits, which makes me glad they're still readily available!

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