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Peenemünde V-2 diorama - 1:35


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Not been doing much in the way of model building over the UK summer - busy with holidays, trips out and restoring one of my old motorcycles.
I think I also needed to take a break from it all and clear my head!
As some will know - I've visited Peenemünde a couple of times now, once with my flying club, and latterly on a family road trip in 2016. It's an interesting place to visit - excellent museum and a lot of atmosphere - and it's fired (sorry!) an interest in some of the amazing wartime projects that were resident there.
End of last year I acquired the Dragon 1:35 kit of the V-2 and was looking at purchasing a resin kit of the Meillerwagen transport trailer/errector.


Was just about to pay a lot of money for one on a French auction site when I saw Takom had announced a new kit of the V-2, Meillerwagen and towing Hanomag. Would save on costs - vastly reduce work - and be a lot more accurate...


SOLD to the modelholic that had seen yet another squirrel and just had to have it  :)






That set off a need to research the subject over the summer and I found several things that would be great sources of research material/detail info - the excellent V-2 Website, a full set of operational/test manuals (in .pdf/English) and a stunning film made by the British Army during their test launches after the war. I'll post more on this as the build progresses.


This then set off another train of thought - like these things do...


How about a diorama - a test V-2 being set up on it's launch platform, with Wernher von Braun briefing a small number of senior officers regarding progress.


So that train of thought set of another stream of acquisition:








From the above I'm thinking the chap in long coat (I have a photo of Von Braun in almost identical attire) and officer on far right.




Just the officer on the right on the above - my son is going to grab the two tankers for one of his projects.




Far left and far right figures from the above set.




And some very nice Tamiya decals to help with uniform insignia.


Just a couple of suitable crew figures for the Meillerwagen/Launch Stand to find now.


This will be a slow build going on in the background - but stay tuned for further updates!


Secret Project - so just between us eh?  ;)


Oh - and *very* impressed with Imageshack so far for hosting these images...


Have fun!



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I'm hoping to learn a thing, or two, about figures too Dennis!  ;)


I've had a go at a few over last year, or so, as test pieces and slowly improving - it's the faces that are the make, or break, but very slowly improving with each one. :hmmm:


I just thought that as a subject some figures could really add to the model. We'll see!!  :frantic:


This project will be sub-assembled during lunch times at work, in an effort to get away from the computers for a while - and make some progress. I now have a small prep and assembly tool kit at work.



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Understanding the subject...
This is about the best video I've seen on the process of setting up and launching a V-2 - has helped me hugely in understanding the subject - and deciding the stage in the process I want to portray.
Filmed by the British Army during tests immediately after the war - Project Backfire:

Amazing stuff - and hugely inspiring...


Note - this appears to want to start at the 24 min point - to see the film in full drag the 'progress cursor' back to the beginning  :)

One other thing - the skin of the V-2 rocket exhibited a very noticeable oil-canning effect on the surface and I'll be working on replicating that.


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Hood is away in the loft until next year - I need a space large enough to take proper photos of the build and that's been limiting factor.


B-17 currently out and being given a fresh coat of looking at... 


I *may* pick up on where I left the Fort shortly (new waist windows - need to finish patterns and put on the vac-former). :)



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Great choose Iain

I will follow this tread :popcorn: because I really like this set too!

This website http://www.v2rocket.com/ you share with us is very interesting.

If you don't mind I will recommended to you this NO. 6 issue of HOBBY JAPAN SPECIAL  MILITARY MODELING MANUAL which I have in original from many years. If I dad it in PDF file I would share it with you but I have only â„– 1,2 and 3 as PDF books.



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Thanks Dany Boy - not seen that!


My diorama will be a lot simpler :)


The basic missile sections are now together and joints cleaned up - ready to start distressing the surface to create that oil-canning look. Photo's to follow.


Also making a start on some of the figures (again - images to follow) - but here's a photo of Von Braun in the kind of scenario I want to portray (and similarly attired):





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