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Another boring Corsair ;)

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Hi friends,


want to let you participate to my last work, F-4Ua1 from Tamiya finished with eagleCals, Eduard cockpit-mask and Vallejo colours.

Decided to make Dean S Hartley's personal corsair from VMF-225 in August 1944.

Needless to say that the build was a real pleasure, it's an Tamiya..





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Fantastic! Not boring!  I really like the weathering and the fuel stains looks about as real as it can get.  The blue color looks a little bright but I don't think it takes away from the build at all.  Great Job all around...


What did you use for the antenna wire?



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Very, very nicely done. The weathering and the fuel stains look great and I really like you subject matter. I've personally never seen this one before very interesting.


Now about the color. I never flew a WWII wartime Corsair but IMHO the blue looks bright to my untrained eyes but still the model looks fantastic. Who's to say what's right and what's wrong even the men that flew these machines and maintained them didn't know or even cared how they looked as long as they flew and brought them back home safely.


Great job!!!

Edited by Reuben L. Hernandez
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