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F-100D Trumpeter.July 4th - 100% complete


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Tackled two steps - one the fit of the Aires main U/C bay. As is more the norm with Aires the bay is slightly too small and the curves do not fit as well as you would perhaps expect. The answer here is superglue and filer.

The second step was to replace the kit internal airbrake detail with that provided by Eduard PE in their Big Ed set. Next I need to tackle the airbrake door itself - also provided in PE by Aires.
To fit the U/C bay and the airbrake I decided to use white tac and superglue to hold in position. As usual with Trumpy kits the fit is more like a 70's Airfix kit IMO and therefore I decided to add some additional plastic card tabs.
I now need to start looking at fitting the nose wheel bay and anything else before the fuselage halves can be closed.
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A few more updates on the "engineering side" First off as I was fitted the Zacto replacement nose with the requisite surgery to the Trumpeter nose causing a few issues. As I need to ensure the minimum amount of fit issues and sanding I cut the end off a micro brush and inserted it to keep things in place.




After doing this I continued with the nose U/C bay area.  Again after removing the Trumpeter part that is moulded into the jet intakes there where potential issues with structural rigidity and most importantly fit. I did not want a situation with awkward gaps needing to be filled when the fuselage halves are finally assembled or even worse the Aires nose U/C part coming free and rattling around inside the model.  Its not like I have had that happen before when modelling  :frantic:



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I am pretty pleased with how that all worked out as the Aires nose U/C bay seems to fit pretty well.




I decided to replace the Trumpeter airbrake with the Eduard PE part. I am not always convinced with the 2D nature of PE but in this case there was a big improvement in detail.




After this I moved to add more engineering support both with plastic card tabs and lots of white tac and super glue to hold everything.




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