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F-100D Trumpeter.July 4th - 100% complete


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I have had this kit in my stash since it first came out. Over the years I have slowly axquired more and more after market items,  My love for the "Hun" came from visiting Mildenhall airshow in 1980 and seeing the Danish 'Hun' displaying that day. After that I acquired the 1/48th Monogram F-100D and had a blast building that.


This weekend I finally starting facing my biggest issues with the kit - the mass of holes all over it that to my mind are just not that apparent on the real beast. So I slathered the model with Mr Surfacer 500.







In the mean time I started on the Aires cockpit tub.




Still a fair way to go on the cockpit but I am quite pleased with the start. Next up wiill be much sanding and scibing and then to continue with the Aires cockpit, U/C bays and the engine.

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Hi, nice plane and kit. The filled rivet lines may need to repeat the procedure, cause the Surfacer is made with the thinking of preserving even the smallest details. You may sand it quite thoroughly and it may look flush, but after a couple of weeks/months perhaps, the Surf. material continues to dry and the rivets will appear. Of course not that overwhelming like before, so if you get used to how much filler to apply to control the depth of the rivets - will be quite excellent. Another tip if you want to completely fill the rivets and sand them flush - rub a piece of a harden old filler into a sandpaper, collect some dust, and mix it with Surfacer, and dilute the mixture just a little.

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Here are the latest versions of the highly detailed main and nose U/C bays from Aires.




I have looked at the wing bays and they do not have enough detail over the kit provided ones and will lessen the amount of surgery required on this model. And I can tell you there is a lot of surgery due:
Nose - replaced with Zacto nose.
Main U/C bay - replaced with Aires resin.
Nose gear U/C bay - replaced with Aires resin.
Airbrake - replaced with Eduard PE.
Rear part of engine - replaced with Aires resin.
Going to be fun with all of the strength and fit issues this is sure to bring up. This is certainly a little more on the model engineering side than your typical, beautiful Tamiya model :-)
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..and finally bringing them all together. I do love the Hun even if I am not a fan of Trumpy models in general (I had a torrid time with their 1/48th F-106) I actually think this and the F-8 Crusader are pretty nice. Sort of Airfix kits from the 70's if you like.


The U/C bays are finished (from a painting perspective) the cockpit and ejector seat needs quite a lot more work before they are finished.




More to come.

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Lots of cutting today - bated breadth to see how good or bad the Aires resin for fit is.


You can see where I have removed the nose wheel bay which is integral to the jet intake assembly and removed the main U/C bay from the fuselage halves. We now have a "floppy" F-100D!




The main U/C bay is - as quite often with Aires resin shorter than the hole it needs to fill. Why Aires cannot resolve this at the master stage I do not know. 


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Sort more progress today - I have a couple of days off this week and with a change of job I am no longer flying everywhere so I have more time and more inclination to model. At least that is the plan :-)


Spent time looking at the various panels that will need to be closed. You cannot have the ammo panels open when you use the Aires resin cockpit set so I decided to close them all up. I painted what I could research or guess the relevant internal colour in case you can see anything through the open cockpit or open vents etc.





The fit of the gun barrels if I included the complete cannon was a bit of a pig (although this may well be my fault) so I decided that as the panel is to be closed I could save myself a lot of pain by just cutting the barrels off and mounting directly. All held in place with blu tack and super glue.

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