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NA Harvard Mk 1 (1/48th scale)

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In the absence of a 1/32nd scale Harvard I I decided to convert Monogram's 1/48th offering using MDC's resin bits and pieces:




I'm going to finish it as one that Dad flew in 1943 in S Rhodesia, in fact I thought it could have been him leaning against the forward edge of P5976 but an enquiry to the IWM told me that this picture was taken in 1941, before he went out there.
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The main difference between the Mk I and subsequent Mks is the fuselage construction which was steel tube covered by fabric, replaced subsequently by a light alloy covering in the Mk IIs onwards.  The Mk Is had a vicious tendency to spin/stall, in fact the first one to sent to the UK (N7000) for evaluation in 1938 did exactly that, killing both occupants:




Other differences include rounded wing tips, a straight wing trailing edge from tip to tip and a larger curved rudder.  The plan drawings in AirBritain's Harvard file don't show the correct wing trailing edge shape:




but to achieve it on this model requires quite a bit of surgery!


This picture shows the straight trailing edges very clearly:



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So, wingtips removed and replacement MDC ones glued on.  The MDC instructions say "align the new tip with the leading edge of the wing. The tip will be approximately 1mm short at the trailing edge: this is correct.  The outer wing panel trailing edge needs to be filed back in a straight line from the raised ridge just outboard of the wheel wells to the new tip."  I don't understand this; to my mind it exaggerates what is already wrong in the Mk II wing in trying to represent a Mk I, not to mention shaving off quite a bit of the aileron:




My solution was to cut out a narrow triangular fillet from the leading edge to the aft on the outer wing section, to cut the new wing tip in two and insert a piece of plastic card to fill the gap.  The starboard side complete below (except for the plastic card insert) showing the difference with the port:
Note the difference in angle of both trailing and leading edges.  I understand it was this acute angle on the leading edge of the Mk I that caused the spin problems, slats were fitted on some.
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The cockpit assembly was straightforward though it was a very tight fit in the resin fuselage and took a lot of fiddling and fettling:




I know the IPs are wrong for the Mk I Harvard but since they can hardly be seen, especially the front one which is the most wrong, I wasn't too bothered!


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Time for more creative surgery Craig :)  When the fuselage was joined up it was too narrow for the space between the wings!  And this was meant to be a "5 minute" fun build!!




The answer was to cut the whole wing assembly into two halves through the centre section and take out a strip of plastic, re-join and fit the fuselage:
so I ended up with this! It's certainly fun....:)
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Great start Max, I always enjoy your builds! You back your builds with historical facts and documentation.  :thumbsup:




Thanks Dan.  The models that I make are solely related to areas of my main aviation interest which is research, specifically Bomber Command in the latter stages of the war so in every case the documentation pre-dates the models. :)  It makes the models more meaningful to me, even dare I say, perhaps whisper, the Bf110G4!

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Moving on, I wasn't very happy with the definition of the panel on the nose behind the engine cowl, shown clearly here:




so I cut a template from masking tape then used thin lead foil to make the panels:




then add the empennage and prime:
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Great result on some serious surgery.


Thanks Gaz, I love chopping planes up and putting them back together again, hopefully in the right place! The kit wings started off as 3 pieces, in my modified wings there are 12!


Very nice work correcting that nose fairing!


Your about to put the color on the old girl..... :thumbsup:


I just got a week voluntary lay off.....i'm going to work on my BF-110G conversion...... :whistle: 



Thanks Dan, good luck with your, um.....project!


Lovey work, Max!



Cheers Kev, I love Harvards, it's so sad that there's no a single surviving Mk I anywhere in the world.

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