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Scratchbuilt 1/24 Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat

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Hi Jim


Just one more thought on canopies and then I'll butt out. After I sculpted the male clay mould for a canopy I first vacuum formed one out of opaque styrene to check the shape and fit. On a Monogram F-86 I did one and then trimmed it to a close approximation of the canopy framework and then tried it on a test clear vac of the canopy. Well it worked, more or less, and whenever I get around to the stage of needing a canopy I'm going to give it a more serious effort before trying anything else.


(Really must look into how to post photos on here.)





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21 hours ago, Jim Barry said:

Sadly the cat fell victim of a bad plan and too much ambition. I really like the 3D stuff but then lost interest in the more conventional modeling which is considerable in this project. In over my head! 

Well thats too bad.

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EXEMPLARY  work on your build.

LOVE the Engine..   :wub:


Your workmanship  on this Bearcat has been ASTOUNDING 

and very exacting  with your 3D work and parts you produced. 


Simply  sublime  work. 




I hope you  come  back to this and carry on.


WE are all behind you to try and finish it.

I know you can do this Jim.


Imagine  riding your Bike  uphill, the heavy work and pushing yourself  to reach your goal and how good you feel  

when you achieved  that goal.. its almost like that  with your build.


You lost  your MoJo but you'll be back.   I hope So...


Best wishes.





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