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Scratchbuilt 1/24 Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat

Jim Barry

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Proof of concept is complete. I have the patience and skill to build large scale planes from scratch. So without pause, I'm back at it with the Bearcat. It's not exactly starting today but it has now moved into #1 in the queue , so let's "Get it on". There is some history in other threads, some of which crashed due to the Photobucket hosting issues, but  I'm just going to start fresh here with this thread and take it from here.  To recap: I have done a considerable amount of work on the engine and landing gear using 3D designs I made  so much of that is already behind me. I'm actually going to build the fuselage conventionally and not using 3D printing.  So here's progress today getting that work underway. I really love doing this part quite a bit and have no regrets tossing the 3D work I did do in the bin. That's hobby birchwood (mostly used for R/C planes).  The paper bulkheads in the pic will soon be made from birch too and then glued to the fuselage per the plan. I have some hi density foam I got online using the method that Ben "Starfighter" used for his C2A Greyhound and I have hopes that will work out better than my old method (tons of Magic Sculpt that takes a lifetime to sand) .


Wish me luck.  Done by Xmas??? 





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Thanks for the send off, men. Most appreciated. 


Here are some shots of the 3D designs I have created over the past few months. This is Fusion 360 software. Prop and Cylinder Banks (2) are printed already and I'm very happy using Shapeways'  Frosted Xtra Detail resin material option. The gear was designed so that it theoretically works to retract (on two axes) and if it does, then great,  but I'll not struggle too much if it does not. It's a "stretch goal'. By definition all these parts went the 3D route because I felt the time and skill to do this "by hand' was beyond me. I could be wrong, but that's the call. 












And here is tonight's work putting the bulkheads on. I came up with the idea of birch and a dremel jigsaw back in March but put it all on hold until now. This approach saved tons of time over using thick styrene and an Exacto knife as I did for the Fury fuselage. If nothing else, this thing is going to be EASIER than the Fury (said now that I know how make things with 3D printing which was HARD).



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Finished the bulkheads tonight and started to insert the hi density foam. This is pretty easy! Cuts like butter on the Dremel Jigsaw. Sands with ease.  






and a Bearcat F8F-1  pic. This is a pretty early version as the 5 exhaust pipes show. Soon after the prototypes there were just three (per side). I'm leaning toward this as my model for my model. 



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Cees, Ben, Craig, Gerhard, Mark. Thanks for joining in, here. Cees. No exact plan for bonding the wing to the fuselage. I tend to come to bridges and then cross them, but I do think there will be a support beam of sorts. Mark, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  Craig, yes lots of old school and new school here. Whatever it takes, right?


Tonight was super productive getting all the foam cut and set into the fuselage and then sanding to rough shape.   Many times faster/easier  working this way then how I did this with the Fury.  









Getting there! 

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