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Wessesx HU5 Fly 1/32nd scale

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Been wanting to do one of these since they came out.

Managed to get hold of one last week in Hannants when on a trip to the RAF museum at Hendon.




It is a mixed media kit, injection main parts with resin and etched parts.


The colour schemes provided are not too exciting:






so I'm going to raid my decal spares to do the old grey/green & black RAF troop transport.


I've made a start.

The ribbing in the cabin has to be added from parts provided.

The stringers have to be cut to size to fit between the ribs, and they do not provide enough etched braces, so I placed them where they will be most visible.

There is a lot of wiring and piping that needs to be added to the main cabin, so it will be time for the lead wire and other bits to detail up the are.




I have also made a start cutting out the paper crew seats. The seat frame is the plastic kit parts, but I've replaced the back rest supports with steel tubing.


Thanks for looking,



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Been waiting for a WIP on this bird. Love it. And I will be following along for sure.......Harv :popcorn:

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Thank you for all the support, comments and advice! :)


The main cabin interior has a lot of exposed wiring and plumbing.



Working from some photos I found online I added a representation of this, its not 100% accurate (sorry to the Wessex guys!) But it will give a business to the interior when viewed through the door.



I used lead wire, copper wire and various thicknesses of solder to achieve the effect.






The 3 white oblongs at the front are pieces of plastic card I used to strengthen the butt joint of the nose to fuselage join.


The join is virtually seamless which is good as there is a lot of surface detail which would be lost if any filling or sanding was needed.





The fuselage halves fit well just as a dry fit.




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Angelo, greetings from Brazil mate!

I started mine but didnt finish.... a tip to you... the belly and floor, doesnt fit well... the plastic is to thick and there is no gluing point, as a short run, i think is ok, but you have to wrestle a bit to have a satisfactory result






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Looks good so far. I have been waiting for ScaleWarships.com to come out with their cover for the intake, but alas it has not happened. I would highly recommend their 1 piece exhaust kit. 

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