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Photobucket Fix

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Unfortunately, old build threads are gone for good, with the linked pics replaced by the dreaded PB ransom note ... They were visible with the Firefox of Chrome fix, but that is all ...



Yes,that is the point of my post. MY old threads are still intact with photos on photobucket because I did not delete my photos. If everyone did the same, old build threads would still have visible photos.

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Posted (edited)

I added the fix for firefox and I haven't moved my photos off photobucket so they show up when I go to the article.  This is a great fix   Thanks for posting it.


I also added the Chrome fix andit works. I'm going to add the ad on to all my computers. I hope there aren't any hidden problems by using it.



Edited by Bruce

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Photobucket will eventually find a way around the 'fix', and when they finally go bust, then they are all lost forever.


There is an add-on for Chrome which allows you to download albums from Photobucket. If you remember, they removed that facility.


Download your photos and where you can, reinstate them via another hosting site.

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