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Thomas Lund

Scribing panel lines - corrections

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Sorry guys, I missed the request for the black stuff.


I got it from Volks USA 





Looks like its out of stock at the moment.  I love this stuff.  The only advice I have is to use accelerator otherwise it will shrink too much.  With the accelerator, it will dry faster and won't shrink.  Believe it or not, the accelerator makes it easier to sand too.


Hope this helps fellas...



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Why not use stretched sprue and Tamiya Extra Thin ? At least you would have consistent material hardness, even though the drying time may be longer than with CA






I do like using this method in certain circumstances when extra strength w/flexibility is needed. I think using bits of sprue from the actual kit you are filling can be a real benefit, as we all know how much plastic can change in hardness, consistency and appearance. 

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I wish this stuff was available locally at my LHS.  Not that Im against ordering it, but would like to try a small amount first before ordering on line, as I dont have anything else to order atm.


Ill probably wait till I have some other stuff to order as well.   Seems like a good idea that Id like to try

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Another cheaper solution if not avbl black glue is to highlight the line to be erased with a coloured thin head marker or pen, depending on colour of the surface, then applying normal superglue (or accelerated one). The final will be enought lined to understand if full filled.

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