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AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 F and G

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Hi everyone, new photos have required one of my profiles and research to be altered - please see amended Tino Berkers Machine - it is not same machine as when it was coded 2Z+MB as I had thought. Many thanks.


May I ask where this new photo reference can be found? One'd appreciate quoting the sources, therefore allowing for making own opinion.

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 You may want to put this up in the LSP discussion thread Ray for others to see. I just ordered a AFV and got the 110 for $19.99. Didn't get the free shipping but I had $8.00 Dragon dollars to pay for shipping..... :thumbsup:

I did post in the LSP Discussion board, under the 110E-2 heading which made sense at the time.

Damn good deal, isn't it? They must not have sold well. Maybe that's why we didn't get a G-4.

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