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Pastor John

AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 F and G

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The moment you have all been waiting for - the RRP for the AIMS Bf 110 G-4 conversion and the F/G-2 conversion. Please note that these prices are way, way, way below keystone markup before anyone says anything negative.
RRP G-4 £80.00
RRP F/G-2 £65.00
Post - Europe £10.00, Everywhere else £13.00
Important - please read everything carefully....
Providing all my partners are able to provide what I have ordered for when I asked I estimate being able to start boxing up orders in the order payments were made around the middle of December. Please also note that there will be delays - especially after the 30th payment as I will be re-stocking partners products as they can supply me due to seasonal pressures. Don't worry - if you pay I will provide - have done for 16 years without a problem.
Please send payment to Paypal using my email address aimsmodels1@gmail.com - payments sent as 'friends and family' always much appreciated.
Please include full address in Paypal note box as well as what you are ordering.
Please indicate if using E-2 Trop kit as base in the Paypal note
If you are using the Dragon E-2 Trop kit the prices are as follows....
RRP G-4 £78.00
RRP F/G-2 £63.00
If you are buying G-4 set and already have some of the Master products and do not therefore need me to supply them email me before placing order and I can calculate additional savings. Likewise if you are certain you are building one decal option in particular there may be other savings I can make but only if you are certain.
It only remains for me to thank everybody who has helped me make these sets possible and for all the kind comments about the designs posted along the way. May The Lord bless you all this Christmas season





Way to go John!     I dont really think that approx $120-ish USD including shipping is a bad price at ALL for the G-4 considering all of what you get in the conversion including metal barrels and what not. 

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You're nearly the first order then Brian!!  :innocent:  :frantic:




I actually posted quite a bit after I actually pulled the PP trigger...............So well SEE who is second!!!    :lol:    :lol:    lol - This will be a good one!  Lots and lots of us have been waiting a long time for this one. 

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