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A pair of Tamiya Spitfires: VII and XVI

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Oh my those are beautiful


Love painted on markings - much better than decals

Thanks Thomas!


And yes, painted markings look so much better than decals. Plus there's no clear coat to worry about. That being said, the ones I used on TD248 worked really well for me.

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You really are a Spit specialist Carl....both look stunning. Couldn't agree more with Thomas about painted on markings being so much better than decals.....and I must dig my Mk IX out and finish it too.


Thanks Max! I'm finally coming to the end of the big pile of Tamiya Spitfires. I have three left in the stash to build and I'm waiting on a Griffon nose for those.


Hopefully you'll have your IX back on the bench soon.

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Well, they're both done now. I added the final small details to both- pitot tubes, antenna mast, and canopies.


Unfortunately due to our home renos, I don't have a place to take better pics at the moment so these will have to do for now.











With the cowls off and the red Merlin in view:















Thanks again to everyone for dropping in.


Now to clutter up the bench again





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Nice, Carl! How many have you finished? We need a group shot.

Thanks Shaka!


I've got 9 Spitfires completed altogether. 8 are Tamiya kits, one is the Revell/Matchbox.


The funny thing is I never built a Spitfire in any scale until these.


As for a group shot, it'll have to wait until our renos are done as I can't get to my display case.



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Wow, Carl, they're both beautiful! I have to admit I really like the NMF one the most, what a striking and attractive scheme!




Thanks Jim! It is a nice change from the usual camo schemes we usually see on Spitfires. It was based on a paint scheme that was on a high back 21 post war which I'm hoping to build as well.



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