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RAAF Spitfire Mk Vc


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Currently l am almost done my four 1/32 Spitfires Mk IX. l was sitting there the other day looking at my stash on the shelf above my workbench. l got one hobbyboss 1/32 Mk Vb which would be a nice kit but my eyes see the fatness of the fuselage and it just does not look right. l got two Hasegawa Mk Vbs on the shelf, Mk VI and one MkV fuselage. l had earlier came across the above RAAF Mk Vc which would not be hard to do a conversion to one of the Hasegawa kits. l have a spare tamyia Mk IXc sprue ( BB sprue ) with what l need to convert the Mk Vb to a "C". My main problem is again ( always the same old story with me and my choices) is finding markings which in this case is RAAF one with the white tail ( sorry like it ) Do any of you chaps and gals know who has these markings? As for the hobbyboss one well l going to marry the spare hasegawa fuselage to the wings. l have already dry fit them together and it will work. The span is spot on just there will be a thin gap to fill but it is doable .


Hacker the magnificent ( yeah rightdefault_tongue.png ) 

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Been looking but nada. The figure is simple enough to replicate and the appropriate dry letter transfers would work but getting a high res picture of the Special hobby 1/48 sheet is not easy either . My choices of spitfire schemes of late have been ones with no available aftermarket markings. Go figure

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