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OOB build Revell BF-109G6

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I started working on a new quick build project tonight, while I'm waiting for a whole day I can paint the P-40, I am putting together my 109. This will be an out of the box project with only one aftermarket upgrade, I used a set resin barrels I picked up cheap at the last show. The kit parts were just too horrible to leave in.


I will be painting on all the markings except the stencils.


I assembled a bunch of sub assemblies in preperation for painting and dry fit and sanded the fuselage and cowl panels. I'm pretty happy how it all fit so far. Next step is to paint and assemble the cockpit so I can close up the fuselage.





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Great start! Just picked one of these up, will be keeping an eye on your build!  :thumbsup:



You will like it. The fit is really very good so far. I did have to do a bit of sanding with a coarse sanding stick on the framework under the cowl panels, while the fit is not terrible, a little sanding really help line everything up well. It seems to be an easy kit so far, it has some weird panel joins in odd places. I suppose they are like that so that filling and sanding is easier, you would not have to re-scribe any panel lines. This kit has no rivet detail to speak of, so it would be an excellent kit to try rivet tools the first time, which I may do.

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While I was priming the P-40, I also did a base coat of dark gray on the cockpit, hopefully I can get this done in the next couple of days and close up the fuselage. I did use a lighter gray than I should have, but I will weather it with a black wash, so it will darken up a bit.







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I have to admit that I forgot to take more pictures while I was working on this. Here is the finished cockpit, basically 100% OOB except for the belts. I finished the cockpit and closed up the fuselage a week ago.




The only AM that I used on the cockpit was I shaved the belts on the back wall up to the buckles in the middle and added $1 belts from there down, along with some PE buckles at the bottom.





Right after I took these pictures I closed up the fuselage, and added all the wings, flaps, ailerons, and every tail piece. Unfortunately no pictures, as it completely escaped my mind. 


Last night I primed the whole model in Stynilrez While Primer, its also the base for the Montex markings. If I get a chance I will try to spray more this weekend. 

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