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Scratchbuilders 1/32 Staggerwing

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On the shelf-of-doom for seven years - it is about time that I pay some attention to it!!


If possible Kevin, the old link is: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=31208&hl=staggerwing


I've merged your two topics, Gene, so now they both form part of this thread. The old link will no longer work.



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Thanks Kevin for shifting the link, etc!!! And thanks guys for the encouragement.  

Pulling out all the parts to inventory where I am and thankfully I had kept many notes and pic refs & found a few more along the way.

So, I'm starting with this:GiWai8.jpg

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With my initial post to get this restart going – one wise LSP’er queried if the wingspan was to scale.  I did recall during my previous work that the rib count was short but didn’t recall about the wingspan.  Sure enough, the SCR model measures (in scale) 31’3’’ upper & 31’4†lower – D17 wingspans should both be 32’0â€.  Using the reference drawings in ‘The Staggerwing Story’ by Edward H Phillips (ISBN: 0-911139-27-3 pbk), the need for several adjustments are indicated.  In the SCR wing, each half contains 18 ribs – the actual count should be 25 ribs.  This closer spacing would also help negate the deep sag between ribs that occur on the kit.  Actual aircraft manage to achieve a nearly flat appearance between ribs – thus will be my goal!









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Well Thomas, after digging into the problem more there was an explosion of worms!  I decided to sand off all the existing ribs, add Milliput to the trailing edge and wingtip to satisfy the overall dimensions, then add the correct number of ribs in a more subtle detail.  There is also a considerable area of the wing covered with a wood veneer resulting in a very smooth surface.  Now, to work - it will be awhile before the next update. You might need buckets of popcorn william!

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