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RB Productions - Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka Type 22 - **FIN!**


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Well, with the fury of the Nationals over-with, one tends to go in 1 of 2 directions; "I need a break!"  or "I need to capitalize on this!
I spent WAY too much money, but had WAY more fun than Ive ever had at a model contest, and the LSPers that showed were the reason.  It was a blast.
I am in that last category, and really wanted to capitalize on the feeling of modeling momentum I had at the end of the NATs, and get back to the bench ASAP.
I had thought long and hard about what I wanted to start next, and have  plethora of things in the  stash, but I wanted something OOB and unique. Since the gear were missing from my OV-10 that I wanted to start, and the scheme I wanted to use for my N1K2 was not in the boxing I have, and I wanted to do a refreshing OOB build I went in a different direction..................
This is the RB Productions MXY7 Ohka Type 22 anti-shipping kamikaze attack aircraft in full resin. 
The little Ohka fit the bill for a lot of reasons. Its got a TON of cool stuff in the box, so no real need for AM anyway, since its a resin kit, and the molding and details are superb. Its also something else I was looking for.................SMALL.  After toting around the BIG Russian girl over the weekend, I realized that if I intend at ALL to go to Phoenix next year, I need to keep the size of the models Im bringing in check, as Ill likely be banzai driving there. The little Ohkas were also pretty much used once and thats it..........after the "BOOM" there was nothing to recover, so I really wont have to do any real weathering to speak of either. I will likely contain my weathering to some washes, and some black basing, with some finish variation to the paint job for interest. This will be STRICTLY an OOB build. 
Lets get started!!!!
The nose of the Ohka was packed with explosives, and with a top speed of 500mph+ no Allied aircraft could catch it. However, it was the slow lumbering cumbersome Betty bombers the Ohkas had to be carried in that were extremely vulnerable to Allied fighters, and in the end the Ohka was not considered a folly, but it was not a success either.   
It was not a very big 1:1 aircraft, which means the 32nd scale model isnt either. The RBP Ohka is REALLY well molded with a lot of PE and extra details. 
Radu ships the little Ohka in a sturdy removable top cardboard box:
You can see with my last build sitting on top of the box for scale reference, the Ohka is not a big aircraft by any means, and its box reflects that:
The instructions can be downloaded after purchase on Radus site, so I printed them off in glorious color, made up a custom cover, and 3-hole-punched the instructions, and put it all in a 3-ring binder:
The little Ohka box comes packed full will with resin and PE:
The main bag of resin, has some glorious looking parts in it, including the rocket turbine fan:
Here you can see the wings, with separate flying surfaces. As tiny as they are, they are dwarfed by the horizontal stabs on a lot of other 32nd kits:








Radu provides a really nicely cast resin wind-screen and x2 copies of a very nicely vaced canopy. I normally would have an issue there, but these vac pulls are very nice, the framing around the canopy is crisp, and I will have the canopy slid back to show the nice details in the pit, so I am not worried about trying to make sure it fits 100% snug w/the wind-screen:








Clarity on the resin is excellent:









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Carl, Tony, thanks for stopping in!  This is a wonderful looking kit, and if it fits as well as it looks in the box, this is going to be enjoyable!  Not just for the cool interesting nature, but the highly detailed, yet highly simplified design, will be nice too.................no real weathering, no huge decals, no rigging, and i can fit the WHOLE model in the middle of 1 section of my bench.


On to the rest of the pics then!! 

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Here is the main attraction. The fuselage is well molded with recessed panel lines, intricate undercuts in the cockpit with nicely raised details including a PE seat, and lots of extra resin goodies to add:
Also right OOB, you get a set of Radus lovely PE and textile IJN seat-belts, and a nice little photo-etch sheet:
The decal sheet its itsy-bitsy to say the least, but its printed by Fantasy, and is well in register with lovely colors, even down to the super dinky Japanese stencils for the wing and body:

The instructions are DLable from Radus site via your account after you purchase the Ohka, and they look good, with a full parts count, and what seem like fairly clear steps.

The only thing so far Im not super clear on are color call-outs, but with some research I can nail those down too:












The colors also show for the also very nicely molded cart that the kit comes with;








At the end of the instructions, there are some Ok documentation shots from the NASM example. Like most aviation museums it seems, it is dark and not the best light for pics, but they should prove useful still:








Thats all for now guys. Ive broken down the parts into some tupper-ware containers soaking in some "Bleache Wite". Yes its spelled that way..... :lol: its an old white wall tire cleaner from back in the day that a friend in the movie/prop business turned me on to, and its been a part of my resin SOP ever since (cant hurt even if it calls for just soap and water)

Tomorrow after work I will remove all the resin parts, and give them a good rinsing in warm soap and water, dry them, and will be set to make a start.


Cheers to all till your older!



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What a great-looking package! Reminds me of a HpH kit. Have fun with it, Brian!





Thanks Kev!  Just like HpH except about 1/2 the casting blocks and overall casting block size.

 Im also on my way to buying another light to take some pictures with finally!   That will help tremendously in this build too. 

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Thanks gents!!   Wow, must be SUPER nice to live so close to NASM!!    If you are already there, cool Id take any pictures you get, but dont put yourself out. The only question at this what exactly the details on the cockpit were painted.



The instructions say "Similar to IJN Green" for the overall interior color, but the rest of  the details are slightly up in the air still. 

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   I'll be pulling up my most comfortable cushion chair  :popcorn:  and following your build from start to finish. Not only is this a change of pace for you, but a major change for the type of model build I usually follow. Both Flying bombs and Axis aircraft just haven't been on any of my "to build" lists to date.



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 The only question at this what exactly the details on the cockpit were painted.


The instructions say "Similar to IJN Green" for the overall interior color, but the rest of  the details are slightly up in the air still. 


I used IJN Green that I combined with a few drops of blue.





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