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1/48 Tamiya Corsair F4U-1a

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Hi Folks,


Coming back little by little after a couple of years break, time to do a non LSP build, popular tamiya Corsair F4U-1A yet not defined which markings probably RNZAF or a std 34.


I wanted to try black basing approach to paint the camouflage.


More to come

Cheers :piliot:   













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I'm trying this black basing approach, didn't want to try it on a 200 bucks 1/32 corsair. Thank you Mustang for the kind words. 


I bit of advancement, here in white coat, I'm starting to like this technique the mottled finish it's quite convincing, to my eyes at least. I'm for a very little post shading around the engine exhaust area and oil washes to softly highlight the panel lines. I was a preshading guy and this approach is convincing me to go for a LSP plane. White coat is in fact XF-2 Flat white + some drops of XF-80 RAF Grey. 


Cheers  :piliot:







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Guest Peterpools


Great to see you back at the bench and nothing finer then a Tamiya Corsair 48th or 32nd scale.

Terrific paint work and the black basing comes through very nicely.  Any photos of the interior and front office?

I'm also starting a 48th scale project and posted the first update tonight: ZM F4J and will be doing black basing for the first time as well.

Looking forward to following your progress

Keep 'em coming


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I really like the whole black basing approach. I used it for the first time around 3 years ago on an automotive engine and it worked fabulous. I like the mottled approach that you are taking here and am looking forward to what the paint will look like when you're done. Killer work Maurice.

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Hi Maurice,


Saw your post, just an FYI the Eaglecal RNZAF Decals are the wrong colour, should be much darker Blue.


Even on faded Corsairs the Service Units who owned the aircraft, would touch up the Roundel paint, which

is why you see some really faded RNZAF Corsairs with fresh painted roundels.

If The Roundels did fade to the colour of the Eaglecal decals, you would see the over painted US Star underneath.

That type of fading really only occurred some 10-15 years after the war sitting in a bone yard in the open





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Thank you Alan, this info is much appreciated, I was willing to do that version, don't know If I would be able to touch up the darker blue. So I guess I'll go for a std Jolly Rogers. 



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Well...to be precise,you did whitebasing on the dark blue :) should have kept the medium blue more tightly confined so you could utilise the black surface. IMO splotchy dark blue on the med blue looks a bit off

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